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 Sanbi no Isonade

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Kouu Uchiha
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sitemaster/uchiha clan leader/akatsuki member
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PostSubject: Sanbi no Isonade   Sanbi no Isonade Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2008 5:54 am

Tail Number: San or Three
Imbued Within: No one
Symbolic Element: Water
Ability: Generic water powers; can control the currents of water.
Isonade is a turtle-like Bijuu with a sharp horn on the forehead. He lives in the deep waters and swamps. Every few months, Isonade will swim to the surface of the sea from the deep waters, to breath some fresh air. However, when he does this, storms erupt, oceans rage, and all ships will be swallowed by him as food. It is said lacking a host made the beast weaker because it wasn't intelligent enough to control its own strength.
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Sanbi no Isonade
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