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 Fire element jutsu

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sitemaster/uchiha clan leader/akatsuki member
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Fire element jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Fire element jutsu   Fire element jutsu Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2008 7:55 am

(ok these require fire element chakra, Until you are a lv above the requirment got it this does not take effect for those who have done learnt the jutsu)


fire ball
description:you know what this does
requriment:must have 6 ninjutsu

user does hand signs then forces alot of fire chakra to their hand for a firey taijutsu punch
deffect after they use this it take 3 of their post to rebuild chakra

after a handsign user uses a quick releaseof fire chakra to make a blinding flash this my the enemy unresponsive for one post.

erruption lv1
after user does a long set of handsigns fire errupts from the ground in 1 place (makes fire raineasier to use)

Fire rain
Description:rains small fire balls from the sky (not very strong but cant be dodged also leaves behind a thick smoke stop sight of both users)

Flame wheel
Description: user spits a flaming wheel at the enemys often making the muscles grow weak. *traps oppent for 3 of their posts*

Flame spiral
After hand signs a spiral of fire circles them as defense this last for 5 posts

erruption lv2
after user does a long set of handsigns fire errupts from the ground in 5 places (makes fire rain as easy to use as anyother fire jutsu


Name: Meteor Rain Jutsu
Element: Fire
Rank: Jounin
Requirments: 12 ninjutsu
Description: You jump high into the air and causes 15 to 20 massive fireballs to rain from the sky
Deffects: Can only be used once in a fight and uses a massive amount of chakra

Blue flame fireball
A super hot fire ball tech that uses alot of chakra to reach its temp. Must know fire ball to use.

erruption lv3
after user does a long set of handsigns fire errupts from the ground in 10 placces

Super Nova(rasengan with fire element chakra added to it)
able to destroy a whole feild of land, take a massive amount of chakra (not able to use unless kage rank) Drain most of the sannins chakra (must also know rasangen befor able to learn)

Flaming Chidori (chidori with fire element)
A stronger version of chidori that is almost as strong as super nova rasengan (must know chidori)
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Fire element jutsu
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